Student Internships at the CAC

The CAC offers a limited number of Internship opportunities for students in their final year of their Master’s Degree program in the fields of Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, Mental Health and other social service fields. Student interns are provided with clinical supervision and training and typically are able to gain clinical experience in the following areas:

  • Conducting clinical intakes/assessments with non-offending parents and care-givers
  • Providing court, medical, and personal advocacy
  • Conduct individual counseling with children that have experienced trauma
  • Co-facilitate a psycho-educational or support group for children or adults
  • Participate in all clinical and staff meetings
  • Attend in-house and community trainings on various trauma-related topics

When? How Long?

Typical CAC internships last two semesters, beginning in the Fall and concluding in the following year in Spring, although exceptions can be made to accommodate various school requirements. Work days are Monday-Friday and work hours are similar to that of employees of the CAC and typically fall between the hours of 9am-5pm, though work hours may be adjusted to accommodate after-school counseling clients or co-facilitation of a group (to be agreed upon with a student’s supervisor). 

For typical placements that begin in Fall, applications are accepted starting in January of the internship year and interviews are conducted with candidates in late February/early March, with selections made by the end of March.

What We're Looking For

  • Students able to commit to three days a week on site, with preference given to those students able to be on-site Mondays to attend all mandatory Staff and Clinical Meetings.
  • Students with previous work/volunteer experience working with children and families are preferred.
  • Students with an understanding of the child welfare system.
  • Bicultural and bilingual students are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Deadlines

For application deadline information, please contact Executive Director Mark Parr at: