Family Support Services

For the hundreds of child survivors of abuse who walk through our doors each year, Family Support Services (FSS) contributes to their recovery. Services are offered to families when an allegation of abuse has been investigated and risk to the child (or children) is not enough to warrant protective placement or intact family services through the DCFS.

FSS programs are designed to complement CAC’s existing services through assessment and evaluation, case management, counseling and advocacy. CAC’s employs the expertise and compassion of professional therapists to reduce trauma and facilitate each child’s healing process within a nurturing and family friendly environment.

Crisis Intervention

Immediate assistance is available for families experiencing major stressors associated with sexual abuse including risk of suicide, violence or running away. The goal is to help stabilize the situation and provide information, support and necessary referrals.

Short Term Counseling

When appropriate, CAC provides families with short term counseling options. Individual assessment of cases is done before treatment can begin. Sessions may range from a one-time visit to one hour a week for several months.

Parent Support Group

A variety of emotions (grief, shame, anger) may be felt in the aftermath of child sexual abuse disclosure. Parents and non-offending caregivers are encouraged to participate in CAC’s Parent Support Group to receive support from peers. A licensed social worker or licensed professional counselor helps facilitate the group and provides education as needed.

Group Intervention

Group intervention can help child survivors learn healthy coping skills and normalize their experiences. Survivor support groups may provide an educational component. All groups are age appropriate.

Child Sexual Abuse Assessments

An assessment is done when a child has NOT participated in a forensic interview or has NOT made an abuse disclosure. Assessments are conducted when there is reason to suspect (due to behavioral indicators) that sexual abuse may have occurred. An assessment, performed by one of CAC’s clinical team, consists of approximately four sessions with the child and includes an interview with the primary caretaker.

Court Advocacy

If and when child abuse cases are brought to the court system, a member of CAC’s clinical team will be available to assist children and families through this difficult process. CAC court advocates attend court proceedings, answer questions as they arise and provide additional support to families as needed.

Case Management

Additional services offered through case management include referrals to community resources and home visits when appropriate.