Interview with Allie Krolick

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Interview with Allie Krolick

Last month CAC began working on an exciting new project – a virtual reality film that will allow viewers to see what the CAC is like from the eyes of a child. While there is truly no way to understand what it’s like for the over 800 children and families who seek our help each year, we wanted to make something that helped illustrate the feelings a child goes through on their first visit.

The video showcases a story from “Emma,” a young girl who has been sexually abused by a family member. This subject matter is difficult for anyone to comprehend, let alone a child actress. When we began the process of finding our Emma we made sure to show families the script ahead of time to ensure the parents and children felt comfortable. We were so lucky to cast Allie Krolick.

Allie and her mom Jen came in ready to work and interested to learn more about CAC. Although Allie is in middle school, it was clear she had the maturity and parental support to play a challenging role in an authentic way. Below is a 10 question interview we conducted with Allie about her experience playing Emma and what she learned about the CAC.

Our virtual reality video will be available to view later this month. To schedule a showing contact Director of Development, Simone Wheeler:

How old are you?


How long have you been acting for?

3 years

Why did you want to get involved with this project?

To help out children in need, and to give them a voice. I wanted possible donors to see how important their support is in running this agency.

What did you know about the CAC before you began filming?

That is a place where children go when they have been sexually touched.

How did you prepare for the filming?

Discussed with my Mom what happens to children when they are molested and how they must feel to tell their story to anyone especially strangers. I wanted to do this to help kids know they can be strong and tell their story without fear.

What was the most challenging part of playing Emma?

If I had to choose, I would say it was the line where I had to talk about being inappropriately touched.

What was your favorite part of filming?

The food… Just kidding, my favorite part was knowing I am helping children get/keep the resources they need. I also loved working with the other actors and the staff of CAC.

How do you think viewers will respond to the video?

They will see that CAC is a safe place where children can share what has happened to them and that CAC is a much needed resource.

Why do you think people should support the CAC?

Because they are helping kids understand what is happening and that it's not their fault and donors will be offering love and support.

Anything else you’d like to add?

After spending a full day filming on location at the CAC and meeting all the staff (advocates, interviewers, directors, and marketing people) and seeing what they do every day, I decided to become a donor of CAC. I hope the project will inspire others to do the same. Kids need a voice and CAC gives it to them without making them feel like victims over and over and over again.