Women's Hearts for Healing

WHH Mission:
The Women's Hearts for Healing (WHH) is a women's volunteer group designed to increase support and elevate awareness for the Children's Advocacy Center of the North and Northwest Cook County area. WHH volunteers offer multifaceted contributions of donations, recruitment of volunteers, donated services needed for CAC, and fundraising events. WHH aims to increase community awareness through networking, sharing CAC social media, and the efforts necessary to spotlight the CAC to local businesses and schools within the 38 communities receiving services to heal abused children. 

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WHH and its members actively: 
- Raise funds to support the CAC and its mission.
- Work to increase support and awareness through networking, social media, grassroots campaigns, etc.
- Provide volunteers for CAC events and projects.
- Focus on connecting CAC to local businesses and schools.
- Meet once a month at the CAC or surrounding areas. 

WHH focuses on three points:  
1. To bring WHH to the recognizable table of the non-profit world.  
2. To use member talents and efforts to raise funds for CAC through fundraising support and events that help keep the center working at the highest level for the children and families it serves.
3. To raise awareness in the 38 communities receiving services from CAC about the CAC mission and its programs.  

Donate to WHH now!

Events and activities include:
Cheers for Charity wine tasting, Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign, Art for Advocacy,
Granting CAC wishes and more! 

If you are interested in joining please contact Anita Myers today!
 Check out WHH on Facebook. 

Anita Myers, President 

Anita provides leadership and direction to WHH. Ensures the committee and WHH fulfills its responsibilities for the success of the group. She works to optimize the relationship between WHH and CAC to help achieve the group’s agreed goals. Maintains key relationships within and outside of the group.

Jenel Zafer, Vice President 
Jenel assists the president to fulfill responsibilities leading to the goals and successes of the group. She works with members to develop and lead new and existing events. She is available to support members as needed.

Jennifer Kuntz, Administrative Executive
This is WHH’s point person for new members, where she initially connects and collects contact information. She maintains the official volunteer list and is administrator for the private WHH Facebook page. She provides meeting summaries to the full volunteer group and assists where needed. 

Joanne Castle, Creative Director
Joanne is the creative pundit and professional who focuses on the creative vision of WHH and its connection to the CAC. She offers help to develop WHH’s general appearance, personality, perspective, using whatever means are at her disposal. She helps to bring a visual connection to the mission of WHH, and assists where needed.

Robin Rotela, Marketing Director
Robin drives individuals to the CAC website and WHH social media channels through engagement and outreach. She oversees all communications for WHH in an effort to increase awareness for WHH and CAC and share the message of CAC.