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Healing Hearts

Presented by WT Group

Let's color the town for kids!

The Healing Hearts Campaign is a community movement that aims to spread awareness about CAC's services in the 38 communities we serve, and raise money for our life changing services for children and families who have suffered abuse.



Be part of CAC's brand-new community movement: Healing Hearts! We want to color our communities with hope by partnering with local businesses and organizations. 

Join this community movement & spread hope!



We have five sponsorship levels to choose from. When you sponsor, you will be provided a heart sculpture to either paint or be painted by a local artist. These will be displayed within the 38 communities CAC serves. 


These hearts will shed light on the issue of child abuse. Many children suffer in silence after abuse. Healing Hearts will show them that they are seen and heard, and their stories matter. They have the power to paint their own future! 

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