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Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

below is a quick resource of traits of healthy vs unhealthy relationships. Domestic violence isn't just physical, it can be controlling finances, criticizing appearances and keeping a partner from seeing their loved ones.


Self Confidence

Confidence in yourself and in your relationship with others. You express your opinions but don't force them.


Acknowledge different points of view and be willing to give and take.

Problem Solving

Talking through difficult situations and finding solutions together.


Agreeing to sexual activities you're both comfortable with;

able to say, "no" at any time.


Speaking honestly with your partner; willing to wait until he/she is ready to talk.



Feeling you "cannot live" without your partner, or threatening harm if they leave you.


One person makes all the decisions and is unwilling to see the other's point of view

Physical Violence

Using force (hitting, grabbing, shoving) to get his/her way.

Sexual Violence

Forcing an unwilling partner into sexual activities against his/her will.


Trying to control a partner or situation using fear or intimidation.

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