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She's a survivor.
Help her become a thriver.

Young Vlogger

Eva's Story

When 14 year-old Eva videochatted her school social worker, it was clear something was wrong. Eva was usually chatty, but sometimes she would look offscreen and suddenly become silent. The social worker finally found out why when they met in-person a few weeks ago. Eva’s stepdad raped her when she was seven. The abuse began again during the pandemic when she was home alone with him while her mom was at work. Every time Eva tried to tell her, he came into the room. Eva and her mom are devastated, but at CAC there is hope. Eva disclosed the details of the abuse to our Forensic Interviewer, Melanie, which is the first step to a criminal investigation. And, she and her mom have started seeing our therapists who are specially trained in overcoming abuse and trauma. 


Kids like Eva need our help now – and we need yours. Please donate today to support our free, healing services.

Help Kids Like Eva


Purchase and ship headphones to clients to increase privacy during teletherapy sessions.


Funds one Forensic Interview, the first step in pursuing criminal charges.


Underwrites the cost of 16 individual therapy session with our trauma informed licensed therapists.


Provides one month of roundtrip Lyft rides for families who cannot do teletherapy for fear of being overheard by their abuser.


Covers one month of group therapy for parents of victims, allowing them to learn how to support their child and be supported themselves.

Monthly Donation

Help the 1,100+ children and families we serve every year by making monthly donations to CAC.

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