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April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month

We know that for most people child abuse is hard to hear about and hard to talk about. Our staff live that reality every day as they meet families in crisis:

  • Their preschooler has been physically hurt by a paid caregiver or teacher.

  • Their 8-year-old's gymnastic coach inappropriately touched their child or their child witnessed the touching of another teammate.

  • Their 15-year-old developed an online relationship with an adult that progressed from sexting to in-person meetups and physical contact with warnings not to tell about their relationship.

  • Their 12-year-old confided in a sibling that an uncle had been visiting her bedroom every time she stayed overnight with her father (the custodial parent's ex).

Stand with CAC staff during Child Abuse Prevention Month and plant hope this April.

Your Pinwheel Garden donation supports CAC's investigation, advocacy and mental health counseling for young survivors of abuse and their non-offending family members. When planted in your yard, your garden also shows your community that you are nurturing hope by empowering children's voices and providing a path for healing.

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This garden grows hope!
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