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Your gift can provide:


A Safe Place to Tell Someone

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Our professionally trained Forensic Interviewers ensure that when a child comes to our Center, their story is told in a safe, child-focused, trauma-informed environment.


The forensic interview is needed to obtain factual information about the child’s abuse allegations. This process has proven effective in reducing additional trauma.


The forensic interview is the first step to supporting young survivors, allowing them to begin their healing journeys.

Your donation of $50 a month would help fund our mission to continue to create a safe space for a child to give their account of the alleged abuse or witnessed violent incident in our neutral child- friendly Interview Rooms.


Education & Resources

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There is safety in education; we know this firsthand at our Center.


To help prevent abuse and promote healing, CAC provides community presentations and resources tailored to the needs of our audiences. Our Center also supports families who have been through the Interview process by assigning each family with one of our Advocates. CAC Advocates work with families who come through our Center by providing resources and contacts throughout their journey to healing.


Both children and adults not only benefit from their right to education and Advocacy services, but often their healing relies on them.

For $25 a month your generous gift can support situationally tailored resources available to the community and families served at our Center. 


A Safe Place to Keep Talking

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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Every child responds to trauma in their own way. Our therapists individualize each client's therapy to what they need, meeting them where they are. 

"Finding the words" can be difficult when expressing emotions for a child- especially expressing feelings towards a trauma not yet fully understandable.


Our therapists work with clients through play, drawing, using emotion cards and other learning materials. Through individualized therapy and expression, our therapist's support children learning to express emotions in a healthy way, how to control big emotions and how to define their healing from the hard emotions. 


$10 a month can support the materials used in therapy for our young clients. 

thank you, 
Karol Jankowski
and Katerina Lee

thank you, 
The Murawski Family

Join CAC's Dream Again monthly giving program and help break the cycle of child abuse. Your ongoing monthly investment ensures that children in our community who have experienced abuse will get the help they need to build resilience and live a healthy life.  

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