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Parent Resources

The pressures of parenthood can be overwhelming. CAC provides some resources to help you keep your children and yourself healthy.

How to talk to your kids about their body parts

How to talk to your teenagers about consent and boundaries

Book Rec

CAC Resources

  • Books on Prevention - List

  • 30 Ways to Prevent Child Abuse - PDF

  • 5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online - Webpage

  • Child Abuse FAQs - PDF

  • Myths About Child Abuse - PDF

  • Positive Childhood Experiences - PDF

  • How Abusers Use "Grooming" - Video

  • Disclosing Abuse is a Process - Video

  • How to Talk to Your Kids about Domestic Violence - Video

  • Healthy Parent-Child Attachment Advice - Video

  • The Effects of Domestic Violence on a Developing Brain - Video

  • Myths and Facts about Childhood Trauma and Domestic Violence - Video

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