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Forensic and Advocacy Services

CAC's Forensic & Advocacy Support Team assists local Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services investigators by conducting Forensic Interviews for children making an outcry of abuse. The goal of a forensic interview is to elicit detailed facts from children in a neutral, child friendly, age-appropriate manner.

Our team coordinates the forensic interview to ensure all necessary Multidisciplinary Team Members (MDT - Law Enforcement, State's Attorney, DCFS) can observe the interview as it is being conducted, allowing for a collaborative team approach to taking a child’s statement and protecting the integrity of the information gathered. The forensic interview is a critical part of not only the initial investigation but also the criminal prosecution at trial. CAC Forensic Interviewers are often called upon to provide both fact and expert witness testimony to aid in successful prosecution of offenders.

Our Family Advocates are another important piece of the MDT puzzle. They are committed to helping each family navigate the complex systems they enter when a child makes an outcry of abuse. The Family Advocates are there to help the families understand the process, learn about their rights, and successfully access resources that will help their family during the crisis.

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