Safe From the Start

About Safe From the Start

Today's children are exposed to myriad types of violence including catastrophic, school, community, domestic violence, violence in the media, physical and sexual abuse, neglect and/or maltreatment. The short and long term affects of violence are often dependent on the type, the length of exposure and the age in which the child witnessed violence. Whether the violence is seen, heard or experienced, it impacts the health and sense of well-being of children and their families.

CAC, as the lead agency for a coalition of more than 25 agencies and organizations, has implemented this program that currently serves residents in the northwest suburban area of Cook County. Safe from the start is staffed by six Masters level therapists, including an art therapist, all of whom have participated in the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) 40-hour training program. A wide variety of programs are offered through the SFTS including:

  • Case management
  • Short and long-term parent/child therapy
  • Play therapy / art therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Art therapy group for survivors of domestic violence
  • Parent education groups and seminars
  • Presentations for professionals in the field
  • Confidential consultation for professionals

CAC’s Safe from the Start services, provided in English and Spanish, are free of charge. Services are also provided in a child’s natural setting (home, preschool, community center) when appropriate. For more information about or to book a presentation contact:

Carrie Estrada, LCSW
 Program Coordinator
 Safe from the Start
 1535 Burgundy Parkway
 Streamwood, IL 60107
 Phone: 630-540-0549