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#GivingTuesday Drives Support for Healing Journeys


Young girl plays in the fall leaves.

Currently, CAC’s client transportation fund can only cover clients enrolled in our Mental Health Services, but today we’re hoping, with your help, to change that. Advocate Romelia R. was encouraged to hear about the #GivingTuesday $10,000 goal to help all clients get to their CAC-related appointments. “Transportation barriers come up frequently for our clients. Sometimes they do not communicate they need it, but if we had the funds, I am sure people would use them… I think this barrier comes up more frequently when scheduling FIs..." she explained.

Your #GivingTuesday gift of $25 can provide a gas card for families to be able to attend their child’s FI (Forensic Interview) at CAC’s Hoffman Estates or Skokie office and begin their healing journey.


mom hugging young son

Marta, a brave stay-at-home mom, came to CAC with her child after suffering years of domestic violence. With no job and no driver’s license, Marta felt trapped and unable to leave her abusive husband. CAC's Forensic and Advocacy Services staff took Marta and her child through the first steps in disclosing the abuse, obtaining an Order of Protection and beginning therapy through CAC’s Safe from the Start program.

Eighteen months later, Marta has made huge progress on her healing journey, thanks in part to weekly therapy for herself and her child through Safe from the Start. The two of them have been able to consistently attend their appointments with the help of CAC’s client transportation fund. While Marta does have a job and a driver’s license now, she does not yet have her own vehicle.

Your #GivingTuesday gift of $100 can provide a monthly Ventra pass for public transportation rides to therapy for clients like Marta and keep them moving forward on the road to healing.


Unfortunately, the reality is that the journey to healing and resiliency is often long and difficult, but our CAC Advocates support their client families through it all. Recently, Advocate Taylor E. accompanied a teenage abuse survivor and her family members to court for 20 months, making 22 trips with them to ensure that they felt safe, supported and educated about the next steps in the lengthy legal process. Thanks to the tireless prosecution efforts by Assistant State’s Attorneys Sergio Gomez and Heather Kent, the offender was found guilty, which allowed the teen to say that she “finally feels safe after 10 years.”

Your #GivingTuesday gift of any amount helps offset transportation costs for Advocates to accompany their families to court and provide much-needed support for their healing journey.

CAC is thankful for every #GivingTuesday gift that provides safe travels for our client families’ healing journeys. All our services are free and offered in English and Spanish. You can read more about CAC's child-focused, trauma-informed approach on our website. Our work continues because of you.


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