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Healing Hearts - Meet the Artists

Meet the local artists helping CAC transform our community into a vibrant work of art - all their custom painted hearts will help start the important conversation around child sexual abuse and prevention. 

Adam Dube .jpg

Adam Dube

DAZEYFACE is a public art project by Adam Dubé inspired by the intersection(s) of street art & streetwear. Primarily, the use of vintage garments as vehicles for original artwork. 

Born & raised in Maine, the ideals of durability, sustainability, integrity, and hard work became my ethos.  

The subject matter, a common daisy, seems comforting & sunny, but the melancholic expression encourages further investigation. Bright and sunny facades often shroud dark, dismal truths. Take a second look.  
Instagram @dazeyface 

Jenny Hiser.jpg

Jenny Hiser 

Jenny Hiser is a Chicago-based urban lifestyle artist. She specializes in custom furniture, wall art, and murals.  Her work is inspired by color, street art, and music. She uses a combination of aerosol paint, acrylic, silkscreen, and 3D elements on canvas as well as on thrift-store-found pieces of furniture.  Her work has been showcased on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, at a Joe Maddon Cubs Event, in hundreds of homes across the country, and a mural of hers can currently be found on display at Camp One Step's headquarters in Chicago.  Available pieces are for sale in her shop, and also at Chicago Truborn.  
Instagram @jennyhiser 

Dail Kirkpatrick.jpg

Dail Kirkpatrick 

Dail was born in a small town in Illinois, grew up in the country, and often let her imagination take her to faraway places.  She has a Masters in Art Education and is a K-12 certified Art Teacher currently teaching 3rd-5th grade art on the south side of Chicago (through e-learning at the moment).  As an arts education major, she has experience in a wide variety of mediums and practices.  Her focus was in printmaking and she now mostly works with acrylic paint, oil pastel, and colored pencils, oftentimes in a mixed media fashion.  In 2015, she started focusing more seriously on her personal practice, started participating in small, local Chicago art shows, and joined Fulton Street Collective in 2019 with her own private studio.  She was selected to participate in The Other Art Fair Chicago 2020, which has been postponed due to Covid-19, but will be her biggest show/fair to date.  She is currently the Member’s Coordinator and Principal Curator at Fulton Street Collective’s gallery. 
Instagram @dailkirkpatrickart 

Bridget Bond.jpg

Bridget Bond 

Bridget Bond is a Hoffman Estates artist who comes from a family of artists who don’t call themselves artists. They are tinkerers and improvers who leave something more beautiful and useful than they found it. Inspired by that process, Bridget uses a variety of mediums to do the same. She maintains a balance of traditional painting and digital design. Graphic design work includes brand identity and product design, which has been featured on Bridget’s heart centers on custom art for children’s spaces where she makes each piece as personal as possible. Vibrant, playful and full of character, her canvases and murals instantly lift the energy and spirit of a room. Recently, Bridget has done glass murals in shop windows and looks forward to creating more in commercial spaces. 

 When she’s not painting, Bridget loves spending time with her husband and two boys (who are also artists who don’t call themselves artists). 
Instagram @goodandmessy 

Suzanne Stewart.png

Suzanne Stewart 

Chicago, Illinois based artist Suzanne Stewart is a creative who loves to paint, teach, and collaborate on art projects that enhance her community. 

Vibrant large botanicals and expressive abstracts are the focus of her latest painting collections. They represent living, soaking in light, and self expression. Suzanne uses acrylic and house paint along with textured mediums on canvas or wood.   

She also has worked on numerous large collaborative installations and art series in the Uptown Neighborhood. Her most recent installation features a female black angel glowing in celestial light watching over Chicago. Created for the Winter 2020 Wilson Abbey Windows, a three story Advent Calendar, it’s currently on display at the Everybody's Coffee Shop art gallery.  

She is thankful to share the knowledge and excited to share the joy that art has brought to her life through teaching art, art clubs, and workshops. Currently, Suzanne is teaching art at Pilgrim Lutheran School, and working on new pieces and commissions.     
Instagram @SuzanneStewartArt 

Cheylyn Gnadt.jpg

Cherylyn Gnadt 

On a constant quest for balance as an artist, instructor, marketing professional and Mom, I carve out creative time - sometimes quite literally.  

The meditative quality in carving a block of wood or building up layers of collage, paint, metal and ephemera – waiting, reflecting, then working some more – allows for luminosity and serendipity essential to my process. My current work is primarily figurative, incorporating nature – revealing surrealistic themes of domesticity, stigma, isolation, adaptability and perseverance. 

My passion is creating relatable art experiences that aim to better lives and communities – collaborations, public art, teaching, artist talks, and mentoring.  
I teach printmaking, mixed media and metal workshops and I am a certified Precious Metal Clay Instructor. I’ve also been an artist facilitator for special needs adults.

My technical art background originates from the American Academy of Art (1992) and recently graduated from Elmhurst College with a degree in Communications and minor in Fine Art (2017). I also hold many certifications, including a certificate in Nonprofit Management from UIC (2020). 
Instagram @clynstudio 

Jenny Coley.png

Jenny Coley

Artist, Fashion Designer, and Jewelry Designer, Jenny Coley is an all around creative. Jenny attended art school and received her BFA in Fashion Design. She has worked in the fashion industry in Chicago, NYC and LA. Her current passion is her growing art business. Her medium of choice is acrylics and most of her inspiration comes from her love of nature and her experience in fashion. Jenny has been painting for about 4 years and continues to challenge her skills and try new techniques.

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