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Kids Can't Wait

Kids in crisis can't wait for the crisis to be over. Because of the Children’s Advocacy Center, they don’t have to. We are first responders to kids in crisis, providing free, critical services to those affected by sexual and physical abuse.

Why Donate?

Isolation, while necessary to keep us all healthy, is a perfect storm for child abuse. Kids are at greater risk for abuse at home than anywhere else. 87% of cases happen within the family and 77.5% of abusers are parents. To make the situation worse, kids in isolation have less contact with others who can help, such as teachers. Phone and online communication provide only a glimpse into the home and may be heavily monitored by abusers.

But kids in crisis can’t wait for the pandemic to be over to get help. They need us to work together to creatively overcome these challenges. The Children’s Advocacy Center is on the frontlines of the fight against child abuse. Over the last several months, we have invested in new technology, completed advanced trainings, and creatively rethought our usual way of doing business, all to ensure we are here for kids who need us.  

You have the power to help. When you donate to CAC, you provide children a lifeline by connecting them to free, high-quality services that enable them to develop strength to lead a life that isn’t defined by abuse, but by their resiliency and potential.  

What does my gift provide?

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Forensic Interviewer Training

We expect cases to rise in the coming months. To help meet the needs of our clients and community, two of our Family Advocates will be trained as Forensic Interviewers. You can help us cover their trainings and allow us to serve more children.

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Forensic Interview

The forensic interview is a critical part of not only the initial investigation but also the criminal prosecution at trial. The goal of a forensic interview is to elicit detailed facts from children in a neutral, child friendly, age appropriate manner.

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Erin's Law Presentation

CAC is the expert in child trauma and maltreatment. We present to schools in the area about body safety and Erin's Law to help children, teachers and parents understand what child abuse is and how it can be prevented. You can help CAC spread this important information with a donation.

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2 taxi rides

While most of our therapy is being done via telehealth, we do still offer in-person services for those who have no other options. In order to ensure that therapy is not just a luxury, we offer some clients taxi rides to and from therapy to ensure they get the treatment they need.

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